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Ninjas with bushido profile cars is a stretch goal I belive? havent checked the ks page since day 1 tbh

however some argue that all the ninjas in the unique faction should have dual faction profiles so everybody gets ninjas.


Skrivanek: thanks, an interesting tidbit of information , wich also kills of this thread ^^

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skrivanek wrote:

At Gencon, Toby (I think) said the release order is: Tengu in the Spring. Minimoto at Gencon next year, then Jung Pirates (unspecified date) and then Eagle Clan (unspecified date).


So, nothing new this year OR ninjas (in pyjamas) in the fall?

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Read it yesterday to check, apparently every metal model (ninja and guard) will come with a Bushido stat card for two new factions, the kage and the guards of the prefecture. Two for the price of one- bonus:)

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I don't think that a ninja faction is too stereotypical, atleast no more so than the other factions as others have said.  But I don't necessarily see the Kage Kaze Zoku as a true faction release, more like a bonus from the Kickstarter.  I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see any more Kage miniatures in the future at all, or if we did, we would see them released sporadically.  According to the fluff, they aren't a true faction anyways.

Personally, I look forward to the Minimoto the most.

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