35 rice Lords list?

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35 rice Lords list?

Hi all. I'm looking at starting my bushido experience with Ito, but randomly I preffer their non snake dudes to their scaly masters. 


As as my group is just starting out, at 35 rice. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a Lords list at that range? Also what card set is that list developed from?


any help greatly appreciated.



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I never played it as the most powerful list since speed and opposed kind test are lethal against them. What I liked was masunagi and lots of guys (hitosi, archer, jirou, and 2 bushi). This is a lot of models with pretty good fighting skills for their points. The problem is mobility which is why I at some point dropped them at some point I might try masunagi the fly item, chiyo and takeyi and tamotsu and one other. This makes the group and lots more mobile even if you will lose 1 guy.