35 rice Lords list?

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35 rice Lords list?

Hi all. I'm looking at starting my bushido experience with Ito, but randomly I preffer their non snake dudes to their scaly masters. 


As as my group is just starting out, at 35 rice. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a Lords list at that range? Also what card set is that list developed from?


any help greatly appreciated.



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I never played it as the most powerful list since speed and opposed kind test are lethal against them. What I liked was masunagi and lots of guys (hitosi, archer, jirou, and 2 bushi). This is a lot of models with pretty good fighting skills for their points. The problem is mobility which is why I at some point dropped them at some point I might try masunagi the fly item, chiyo and takeyi and tamotsu and one other. This makes the group and lots more mobile even if you will lose 1 guy.


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I'm try to plan my next purchase following the Lords of Izu line, since I like so much samurai and I want to explore this kind of army - or a generic one - instead to concentrate my efforts on the snakes.

First, a question: can I include Kenzo or Kaihime? They are Hebi so they would be excluded by the theme, but they are also samurai so I don't really know. I think you can't play them in the Izu theme, so don't bother so much.


I have two ideas: making a solid core with Satoshi, JMB, Takeji and another melee oriented ashigaru like a temple bushi or Hitoshi. 27 Rice of a group where you have Takeji - that I consider a really solid piece for 7 Rice - JMB to protect your samurai from unwated enemies and another one: to maximize the power of a single melee, doing 3 of them at the same time really means your opponent would be overnumbered and exausthed at the beginning of 3rd attack = -2 dices. Best thing would be a JMB that fight conservative, Hitoshi that use the numeric advantage to Knock down the enemy, and Takeji would kill the prone/exausthed/overnumber enemy with a final blow. Never try it, only suppositions.


You have to do the trick as often as you can, since this core are slow and lack of moblity, so you to overrun quickly your enemy by the sheer number of models.

To preserve you from Ki threat, I would use the Ito Ancestor: he's the only support piece to that kind of list, giving Iron Mind to Satoshi by challening the Ki to be used for battle stations. This means that you have a soulless and two 2k+Iron Minded models on the 5 to be played. Fear should not be a great problem because satoshi benefits from the theme.

The Ito Ancestor are intangible and sharp, other than channeling Ki could be useful to do some tricks and block isolated enemies that are trying to do objectives.



If you get Masunagi instead of Satoshi as samurai, I would drop the JMB for Chiyo (more mobility) and maybe Hitoshi for an Archer, even without poison would be helpful to threat enemies and take objective.




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I recently ran a 35 Lords of Ito list for a tournament with a little bit of success.  I ran two samurai Masunagi as my beat stick, Satoshi as my support/brick.  For Ashigari I took Okyo Archer, Temple Bushi and Jirou.

It may seem like a lot of support with Satoshi and Jirou but since Satoshi tended to draw a lot of attention Jirou was a champ handing out Inspiration tokens every turn.  An Okyo Archer with four dice is pretty awesome!

Its a bit on the slow side but on turn two you can pop Battle stations giving to you two inspired bow shots while Jirou and Temple Bushi can claim objectives or attack.  Masunagi does Masunagi stuff and generally frigthens the crap out of things or beats them to death.

All of this I added one event card, that gave everyone rerolls a roll of one for the entire turn.  Nice when I go in for a turn two or three beat down.

List worked well on idols and on MVP scenarios... Area missions were a bit trickier on zone control but I must admit some weakness on my part as I never really played that mission... don't have terrain made for zones! blush

I like the list alot and when we expanda to 42 I will probably take another Bushi so that I have three options for Jirou's inspiration.  Then I will also have three point for cards too!