35 rice from starter + ?

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35 rice from starter + ?

Hi all, 

a few mates and I are just getting into this. He is looking at cult, but having played malifaux quickly realised the kairai in the starter are better to be raise rather than bought for rice. 

to that end, could anyone reccomend how to get a good kairai list at 35 rice and what card expansions etc?

or he would also be up for a Yaokai (?) list, with wrath included, cuz it's awesome. Oh and penangallan!


sorry for any bad spelling lol, and thanks in advance for any advice. 



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Hello my first time writing on this forum

I bought the Kusatta Kairai and the Villager Kairai to have some extra models for Kato.

I would suggest Penaggalan because she is awsome and really hard to kill.

Orphan is a really though nut to crack, too (obviusly with Envy and his Ki feat not in melee).

Hope i could help a little bit