New Player to Ryu - 35 Rice List

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New Player to Ryu - 35 Rice List

Hey just started playing Ryu and would like some feedback on my current list and future plan.

Current List:







I plan to replace Hanzo with Genji for some more Critical Attacks and maybe a Retainer for a 42 Rice list.  Is this a good all comers style list or have I made any glaring errors, all feedback is appreciated.


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looks good for a starter list Hanso's cleave feat is awesome, and move it is great on the ashiguru, so play with it first and then if you would like the extra crit strike go ahead and change it

the problem with crit strike is its down to the dice gods to whether it activates or not i have had games where my oponent has rolled doubles 3 times, which won him the game but i have had it where he has tried to crit strike and nothing has happened or he was killing me anyway so it didnt matter 

as i said you have a good base to start on daisuke is a great support model, ranged healing, removing status effects and being able to take objectives should keep hiro and hanso alive and allow the spearmen to do their thing and tie enemies by push attacking