Tengu List

Hi everyone,


I've recently been trying out a new list and have finally settled on something I like. Tengu have been super hard to build lists with, but as I get better as a player and understand more about the game I'm getting better at thinking of the wider context of the game while building lists. I'm now even starting to think about breakout strategies from the deployment area. Particularly corner deployment as this is much more complex when you have a lot of models. Well anyway, here's he list so far (the sideboard is not complete as I've not decided what else I want yet): 

Theme: Ordered For Battle

Events: Royal Mandate, Balance

Terrain: Rice Ball Barricades, Gorinto




Convocation of Eagles


Kami of Reflction 

Kami of the Strong West Wind x2

Royal Mandate has not really seen play yet, Buzenbo isn't always in the heat of battle but at I play the list more, it might be used more. My thinking is when I really want to use winged buffet and have it work, this will help. Balance was a 1 point filler at the moment and may get switched after playtesting the list more, but I don't have a huge amount of rerolls in this list so it will be good against samurai lists etc. I might change it for wisdom of the mountains to activate Ryuhobo's sixth sense Virtue, as this will probably be more useful in the long run as sixth sense has a lot more uses.

Rice Ball Baricades is very good in this list, it can simply block an objective making an opponent take one more action to get an idol, and in zones it means they have to go all the way around the zone. As this is a fast and speedy list that plays into your strategy here. The Gorinto is very good here also, it can heal your Kami which is amazing as the list relies on Kami keeping people away from objectives for as long as possible and can recharge the Kami of Reflection which is a bit rare that this will be relevant but it's nice against warbands like Cult with a lot of Oppsed Ki Tests. As well as this, you get even more out of this Gorinto as Buzenbo often wants 3 ki per turn so when it's not being used there you can send it to Buzy, and when you need it for Kami, Ryuhobo can send ki to Buzy instead. 

Buzenbo is really strong, the key thing in this list is to move him forward enough so that he can actually interact. It's easy to think of him as a turret but he has other uses, such as being one of your few scoring units as there are only 5 models that can claim objectives in this list. The idea is to push the Kami of the Strong West Wind past the objectives to allow the fragile Tengu to enter zones or capture idols. Buzenbo meanwhile, can make pretty decent shots across the map with brutal and his reroll on this helps too. He can also ignore cover when shooting and quick reload, which I think makes him one of the strongest shooters in the game. but he's not awful in melee either so a really versatile use of your points even at 24rc.

Tarobo is becoming that model that I have to ask myself whether or not I have a good reason not to bring him. I mean, he doesn't fit in every list but he fits into most. He has a free stun with an 8" range every turn, which I think is what makes him so useful in Tengu. Tengu aren't the greatest fighters in the game and they are a bit fragile so bringing a big model down a dice is really important. As well as this, he can flank which quite often is a big deal in this list. In Keii you can appear on the back table edge and grab the objective if you feel brave enough but it's not always best to do that. I thought about giving him triangle knife to remove the -1 damage in melee from him but I have left him as an objective grabber for now as he seems to do that well and having ranged is good while the kami are alive.

Amaruq is possibly the best you'll get for 11rc, she has more wounds than the average bird, she has tough and her weapons are brutal. As well as this, she can shoot too. Which is perfect for a list that wants objective grabbers while relying on the Kami the pester the opponent. That way you can shoot them while they take down kami and grab objectives and if you time it right you put away your bows and spears and still have some ok fighters, this is where Amaruq shines as she is a Swiss Army knife, sadly she does only have one ki stat so will suffer from fear so be weary of this. 

Convocation of Eagles is super good, it's a bigger better Kami! It can move quick and can take out opponents Kami easily with combo attack and as it has a large base it can hold zones off, double up with the Rice Balls to block areas of and can defend pretty well as it's durable. This initially was my answer to crazy strong models like Yatsumata but then I've seen a lot more fasciliy in just planting it in the middle of board and allowing opponent to come to you. As this model is tireless it can hold a position well but sadly it is insignificant which is a draw back, meaning it cannot use its zone of control but this is mitigated by the large base.

Ryuhobo & Kami of reflection combo came from RDE podcast and I've played around with it and sometimes it's very useful. The idea is you keep them in BtB and use Ryuhobo's healing ability on the Kami and use the Kami to reflect it with its Ki feat giving it unlimited range. Can be great but I've also seen other benefits to the duo, Ryuhobo is often grabbing objectives in early rounds but giving sixth sense is something I'm going to experiment with as it seems very good. Also, Ryuhobo has a melee boost too so for 8rc he has a lot going on and can fight in a pinch.

Kami of the Strong West Wind is what this list was built around, they are here to pester and annoy the opponent hopefully slowing them down and denying them objectives where possible. They have a 14" charge if they need it, so you can steal an activation wherever you need to most the time. They can use place effects too and even blow Amaruq across the board too! So these have been the all stars of the list and really define how you play it, use them to remove an activation from 4 different models if possible and you will have potentially denied all early objectives if you're lucky. 

My sideboard so far is Wisdom of the mountains and Naigubu as Naigubu can deny crit strikes which this list would hate. Let me know what you think is there anything I could add the the sideboard for this list I may not have thought of?