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Kevin Dowsett
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New Demo Board

Here are some photos of my new demo board.

The scenario is that this is a 'deserted' Ito temple site that the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate has heard contains a jewel encrusted statue/idol.

Eager to fulfill their re-cycling quotas they have arrived to see what can be salvaged however the local members of the Ito Clan are not to keen on this idea...

I painted Mizuki as a bronze statue that rotates to point at whichever side has influence over her.


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Pretty cool, nice to have a board really made for the demo, lacked such as this one when we made a demo at our local shop, we had to narrow existing playing fields

The atmosphere is really there, great job!

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The pictures don't do it justice. I got to see it last Thursday.  It's really great.  We're going to rock some demos October 15.  

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Nice work, Kevin. Can't wait to see & play on it! Sorry I'll be missing the demo day.  :( 

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