Pit Dogs

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Kevin Dowsett
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Pit Dogs
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Are these in the next wave? Not sure i like the look. Reminds me of the dogs in Hulk...

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Looks like it. The next wave should be in April.

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well there are a lof of different dog models out there you should be able to find some to your liking if theese dont strike your fancy but they look a bit comicy in that picture I have to say. 

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I'm more intrigued by the komusou, I always expected the Temple to have the first void monk.

I'm predicting disguise and a ki feat that cancels actions.

Also, no Ito release this wave?

Kevin Dowsett
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hmm 3 points each but you don't need an Animal Trainer to include them.

Same points as the two children but with +1 walk, +1 MS however they're Insignificant and don't have Flank. I think I'll stick with the kids for now.

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but 12 rice for 4 models is pretty good and if you include a handler they get rise or co-ordinated attack so i think the're pretty cool

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Yup, these are Honoko's best friends. Very nice for co-ordinating.

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