50 Rice tournament

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50 Rice tournament

Got a 50 Rice tournament comming up and went for a Samurai heavy list.

Including the following.

-Katsumoto Takashi  12Rice

-Akio Takashi  13 Rice

-Hiro Takashi  11Rice

-Hansp  9Rice

-Minuro  5Rice

Totaling 50Rice

Any toughts? There will be allot of players so i'l be fasing all the diferend factions.


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Well I'm not a big Prefecture player but some general things that I can say about your list is that I find it a bit too heavy on the samurai part.

Part of what makes prefecture good is the cheap ashigaru that can be moved around by Hanso, but here you can only really move 1 with him.

Although you have quite some hitting power you really really lack activations. I for one try to always go for at least 7 models at 50 rice but some more agressive lists make do with 6 too. 5 models just seem too shy on the number for me. Your enemy can just throw low cost models at you and still complete most of the Scenarios while you just try to hack away at those walking tarpits.

As I see it you will really suffer against Cult as Nezumi will just swamp a good couple of your heavy hitters with it's 3 small rat swarms and it will care little if those rats just get killed in seconds.

I would advise on bringing a bit more ashigaru heavy lists gaining pass tokens is not as useless as it may sound(those damn spearman can basically make your enemy take their moves first so you only have to react to those).

Minis i would consider using is Bikou(she is just a pain to deal with) and maybe Matsu if you want to Prone people with ranged attacks(which is really good.)

Hagane can be a cheaper alternative for Hiro but she doesn't have Critical Strike, a cheaper Crit model is Genji.You can even try the Grey Pilgrim just to have a Souless model mess with all those Ki Feat heavy lists.

The things that i would keep from your list are propably Minuro, Hanso, and Akio as these can work as a solid framework.Thats 27 Rice so you still have 18 to spend on 3 or 4 models (which is 6 rice or less /model with 3 models used).

So the list I would build using yours as a base is:

Akio Takashi - 13
Hanso - 9
Bikou - 9 (If you play with really scarce terrain you can consider The Grey Pilgrim instead)
Minuro -5
Ryu Yarimen - 5
Ryu Yarimen -5
Daisuke - 4 (This guy is really really good to remove any none prone markers)
50 Rice 7 models, decent sinergy, has shooty things,has healing while Akio, Hanso and Bikou can hit things HARD.

So this is all for the wall of text I hope it was not a drag to read. All of this is just my opinion so it's up to you how you take it. Also as I stated above my main faction is not Prefecture it's Ito but I'm fairly familiar with most of the factions(At least that's what I like to think cheeky)

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My thoughts:
To be straitforward (and i have a decent experience of prefecture) your liste manages to avoid all that makes the strenth of the faction.
- It is slow (hanso has no one to recieve ki from, and no one to "move it")
- it is outnumbered
- it is weak to ki feats (nothing to protect as tenchi, nothing to quickly adress a threat as bikou), so be prepared to have mini "CoEed", "ikiryoed" or hypnotised... (Even if this happens often, the low numbers will make it an issue)

So even if you chop in everything, you will lose the 1st VP and will need to be really good not to loose the 2nd.
A cleaver fow will sacrify a few mini to slow to down and score, and with an average of 4-5 activation gap, you will not be able to play the scenario, aside VIM ones.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips, i dont have allot of games under my belt and the event is held in 3 months, so i have time to learn
Thing is only have the starter set and about to order extra mini's
I'd take it i can use Jin as a normal Yarimen?

That leaves me with 3 extra models to buy and only one waste (Hiro)

I'l give it a shot, just by looking at the card as a pure noob it makes allot more sense then my list so big thanks for both your tips

Would it be a good idea to replace the two Yarimen with the Guardsmen version(ranged) ? I found that you can mostly get around 2-3shots before they get into melee and those Temple blokes amongst others have a ranged def, so if i end up against a temple player that wont work, any thoughts on this? Could be doing it wrong of course.

So current list(Ruro)
Akio Takashi - 13
Hanso - 9
Bikou - 9
Minuro -5
Ryu Yarimen - 5
Ryu Yarimen -5
Daisuke - 4

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My advice is to start practising with the Starter Set + 15 points in models aprox. Play it thoroughly and after a few games, identify what you feel most comfortable with, and make slight changes in the list to cover your bigest weaknesses.

I think that's a much better way than planning everything on paper, forcing yourself to play with a list that may or may not work and rage afterwards.

If you want to make a triple riflemen list, do it and master it. But bear in mind you are playing all your cards in a single move.

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Similar advice to Hakkor's with the following changes:

I would keep the core of Hanso and the Ashigaru to specifically get familiar with the intricacies of their synergies and Pass Token spamming. Plug and play what else you like to get to the appropriate rice level and get as much games under your belt as possible. Way better than theorycrafting.

The thing with 2 Guardsmen and Minuro is that you are not only putting almost all your eggs in one basket, the Guardsmen also won't hit that many things at long or even medium range most of the time. Sans Minuro's Feat that means 3 shots in a 6 round scenario if they do nothing but shooting and reloading. 



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Orderd all of em, so i'l be fasing of against a multitute of oponments before the big event starts, i'l be sure to post the resutls here, again a big thanks for the fast response !!

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Ret-DasLeo wrote:

Plug and play what else you like to get to the appropriate rice level and get as much games under your belt as possible. Way better than theorycrafting.


Just wanted to second this part. At Gencon, I brought my newly-primed Temple figs, not having done much more than read the rules and the forum, with a simple mission: play a lot of games and figure out how everything works. Even being handed a bunch of losses in a row was highly instructive, and got me to the finals of the tourney two days and eight games later.

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With this game you always learn something new, is so amazing. 

My advice is:

Focus in your preference or playstyle, Ashigaru heavy army (then you will need Hanso, Junichi, Fujitaka, Jin and Minuro at least) is very enjoying and versatile. Fill the list with a Samurai (preferibly Hiro due to Leadership, you will need it vs Cult/Wave warbands) and play a lot with them, find the combos and have fun.

On the other hand, Samurai army rely on Katsumoto. Using "Order" on 2 samurai you can do almost everything, scenario stuff and killing stuff. Fill the warband with utilities like Tenchi, Bikou, Mikio, Matsu or Daisuke... (some can Prone enemies, and others helps your samurai) I recommend Matsu, she is awesome well used.


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