The Fog of War

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The Fog of War

My friend and I are having a debate about terrain.  He contends that the Gaki (for example) can't move more than 3 inches when fog is up because he can't see more than 3 inches through obscuring terrain.

my counter is that while a model can't see through terrain deeper than 3 inches, because the aura is only 2 inches deep he can see past the end of the fog, and thus target a spot to run to beyond that.

So who is correct?

This led us into another debate about terrain and to what extent something should be reasonably obscured.  The example in the rules shows Itsunagi Ito with his sword just clipped behind a barrel but there is no indication of depth.  No way to show how close to the back of the barrel he is.  

Imagine 2 minis 12 inches apart.  At the 6 inch mark between them is short, broken bit of fence.  Could either of the minis claim cover because technically there is a piece of terrain between them, or would that be negated by the practicality of being so far away from it?  I thought I read somewhere that you could claim cover if you're with 3 inches of it but I'm not sure.

Who is correct?

And finally, a question about rounding numbers.  My friend states that all numbers must be rounded down when in partial incremants.  I said that while there is a section on rounding numbers it comes right after the wounds table.  Because you can't mark a half wound on the card but you can easliy move half an inch with an accurate measuring device.

Who is correct? 

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You can see 3" into an Obscuring terrain element.  The Gaki isn't over 3" from the edge of its own little fog cloud, it's only 2" so it can move as much as it likes.

There is no minimum distance for Cover to take effect.  Remember you can choose a single point within the volume of the attack to draw LoS from.  You can often bypass a lot of small cover in this way (usually the short wall right in front of your own model that's shooting).

Rounding only occurs on numbers generated through dice rolls (basically everything except movement really).  Movement is not rounded.