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I was wondering if we can expect a general reprint anytime soon?  Not only should the errata be included in a new core book but little wording changes should occur across the board.

Ex.  Under the wound chart it currently says that all numbers are rounded down in bushido.  This should be reworded to include - all numbers AS A RESULT OF DICE ROLLS should be rounded down.  I know some people who round down movement.

A reprint should include an update to ALL the PLAYER CARDS to include important changes.  This would also allow older cards to get the cosmetic changes that are appearing as of the current wave.

I personally would have no problem buying updated card packs.  It's much better than trying to print your own and getting it to match the actual cards you have.

It would also be nice to go back to just telling people to get the book.  Instead of saying they also need an updated document and to watch out because the new cards they just got may already have changes.

Considering the massive benefits I would think the community would completely support it.

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I'd buy a new version of the book.

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I'd definitely be interested in updated stat cards in some form. Perhaps updated PDFs or faction packs.

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Well it would be nice to have any (old or reprint) book to buy. Actually is out of stock.