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So I'm involved in yet another debate.  There are several character cards that state that if the model wounds an oponent it can heal wounds based on the models base ki statistic.

My friends says that if the model is killed outright then the rule doesn't apply because the model isn't wounded, it's dead.

I say that the model must take a certain number of wounds to reach the dead state.  The rules don't say that the wounds can't be caused all at once.  So the model still takes wounds, it just ends in death instead of wounded.

Who is correct?

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Generally a model dies through being reduced to 0 wounds.  Just because you reach 0 wounds does not mean you mysteriously count as having taken no wounds, or that the attacker hasn't caused wounds.  If Arata bearmauls an enemy model to death, he can still heal.

Certain effects can override this - Critical Strike attack for example - by skipping over damage infliction.  It's why you can't make a kairai from something removed from play by a Critical Strike attack.