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Errata and More

Is there an ETA on when we can expect the new errata?  I know it was being finalized after the masters but I was curious.


I was also wondering if this will lead to a new book?  Considering how many changes and clarifications exist I think it's probably time.  I would buy.


Does anyone have an idea what the release timeline is for all seven of the deadly sins for Cult?  I'm most looking forward to Lust as it will provide the opportunity to go in a different direction than the others.  So far the focus has been on the horror element which is excelent, but it would be interesting to see something more sublte to draw in the prey. The beauty and sexuality that kills.  Like the ghost in Kato's pipe or an STS rose x10.


Is there any information on why the format was changed on the character cards?  Other than the appearence of a larger border which might limit text space I think they're fine.  I just don't know what brought about the change.


Any word on the release of the offical token sets?  Would like to get my hands on those.


Does anyone know if there is a firm commitment to stay in metal?  If GCT tried to offer pieces in a high quality resin for added detail and painting options I would understand but I can't stand the cheap plastic crap on the market today.  Just a quick look at GCT metals or Corvus Belli for infinity and you'll see a precision in detail that can't be achieved in plastic.


My last question is whether GCT is done creating painted versions of the new minis?  This is the first time that I can remember only seeing renders at the time the minis went to the webstore.  Renders are nice but the final product is what always sells me and my friends.

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1.) Soon™

2.) Eventually.

3.) Nope

4.) Font was lost when a new computer was brought in.  I like the new font, you can tell what is a 5 or a 6 now.

5.) GenCon?

6.) No idea.

7.) The painter (Dark Iron Studios) went on holiday so he has a bit of a backlog to clear before he's doing the current wave models again.  I think.

Of course, actual GCT people may give more accurate info than me.

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Errata may be with the retainers this week.

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