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Motoko and more

So Mokoto has a ranged stat but no ranged weapon grid.  I assume it's to be able to issue her ranged gear later on.  I am not positive on this however so any help would be appreciated.


My second question is whether the issue of the out of date cards and rule book is planning to be addressed anytime soon? 


I'm finding it harder and harder to teach new players when we have to constantly thumb through the errata to see if their cards, or now even themes have been changed or completely rewritten.

If GCT is happy where the game is at and don't think it's an issue then fine.  But if they plan to continue to grow this thing, then going to a market like GenCon with product that is already out of date is a mistake.

I heard that GCT are friendly with the Guildball guys so you might look at their update model.  They release completely updated card packs each year.  They release an updated rule book each year.  This might be a good option.

I would also recommend that the GCT promotional division push a bit harder to get the word out.  This is by far the best miniatures game I have ever played and it's a shame than more people don't know it exists.  There is a great group of guys across the water in Ireland called Beasts of War.  You might want to get in touch, and look into doing a themed week with them.  Just ask Carlos and the Infinity guys how much of a player explosion they got after their first themed week.  They also do intro weekends where attendees pre purchase a starter set and then build it and learn to play the whole weekend.  Tons of fun.

This is not meant to be harsh criticism, I just feel more people deserve to know that such a wonderful game exists, so that they'll have the ability to appreciate it as much as I do.

Thank you.

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Most ninjas have a ranged skill with no ranged weapons because you can easily buy them some shuriken for 1 rice

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On the game front promotion I completely agree with you.

The game market is currently oversupplied in my view with new games appearing all the time -  we will see some manufacturers go out of business in the next 3 years.

We have lots of Bushido players in our club but they are constantly being tempted by new games and of course 40k is on the rise again.  A game needs nurturing constantly to keep its player levels up compared to 5/10 years ago.

To survive these days you need:

1. A great game with a modern rules set - BIG TICK but a new rule book is now becoming critical.  Providing free rules online is the right way to go but an up-to-date hardcopy rulebook is easy money and helps the game bring in new players. Not everyone wants to print a rule set or look at an iPad during a game.

2. A great miniatures - BIG TICK but some of the early models need updating.

3. An easy path into the game - GCT need to do a starter boxed set with rules, dice, tokens and two sets of 35 rice miniatures.  GCT have the experience to do it from Rise of the Kage and they could reboot the game with a Beasts of War launch etc.  No starter set means a barrier for new players.  It's an easier sell at games conferences as week.

4. Expansions - a supplement/expansion every one/two years would enable GCT to grow the Bushido world and keep players engaged.  There is so much of the Bushido world unexplored.

5. Player engagement - a better website, supporting tournaments a little better and encouraging social media are essential. An online war and builder is really critical,  letting the iOS version die was a huge shame.  People are coming to expect war band builders and infinity have been smart with theirs. More online videos including an official how to play one on the main website are also important.  Use YouTube. Film tournaments, do more interviews etc.  It's cheap PR.

I love this game over everything I play but it's interesting to see how games like infinity are growing and thriving with the five areas above being pushed.

At present Bushido has what a lot of what players are looking for - a skirmish game on a small board with a simple but very deep rules set where games don't take 3 hours.  It's balanced and built around objectives not killing your opponent. It was ahead of its time and continues to be.

I appreciate GCT want to do new things like the Pioneers Programme and Serengeti but more needs to happen on their key system than just new miniatures being released and a new faction now and then.

At present this game has a small, very loyal band of players that seems to be growing slowly but without attention that could change quickly.  

Infinity showed how a small company in Spain could grow into a powerhouse product in the sector.  Bushido is by far a much better rules-set but you need to run much harder these days to survive.

Like Lazarus I mean the above to be constructive and only because I love this game so much.


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I have starter integrates the errata with the free rules in a pdf within a few days of the last couple of erratas' releases. The cards will be updated on the store sometime after GenCon, so you can download them and print them out. Not pretty, perhaps, but effective (admittedly not for Themes).

I think many of your concerns/suggestions are recognised, and they are not harsh criticisms, but you need to consider the difference between GCT and companies like Steamforged and Corvus Belli. Both of those are larger, with full-time staff. GCT are ~3 people, all of whom have full-time jobs. They work on Bushido in their evenings and weekends. GCT's 'promotional division' is one dude, a couple of evenings per week! This is not something most players are aware of, but I think it helps contextualise GCT within the industry.

I'd love to see a starter set, perhaps like Guild Ball's Kick Off! set, with the plastics.

I've looked into Battlescribe for a cross-platform warband builder (I wrote the Walking Dead repository, so know BS quite well), but it just isn't structured well for the system. Enhancement cards are tedious to enter per profile and variable costs are poorly-implemented. Unfortunately, app development and maintenance on two platforms is costly. Android has a decent fan-made app, but there's nothing current for Apple devices.

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Thanks Fleafa

That does help to put everything in context.

Doing what they do with three people is incredible.

We are all making these points because we really want them to succeed and thrive.

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My biggest hope for the game is that they never go plastic.  That might just make me quit.  Someone should also mention that they have enough to do a starter box right now in metal.  And since the metal starter boxes for Infinity are their best selling items, nobody can say that multipart metal won't sell.


Two starter packs, the new token set, GCT custom army dice, one bigger box, DONE.

I would just add up the retail of each item seperately, take off like 20% or something and there's your starter box.

The only thing would be new box art, but in the grand scheme of things that's easy.


As far as the cards I have tried downloading them and printing and they look crap compaired to the original ones.  I would rather just buy a new set of updated army cards.


Finally, as to your mention of the other companies being larger with full time staff.  They all started out the same way.

The Infinity guys were just a few friends who roll played together.

Steamforged was just Matt and Chris getting sick of Warmahordes.

So I don't see it as an imposible task.

If they needed support to build the game then I wish they had said something.  I would gladly help where I could to grow the company faster.


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Thanks again to Fleafa for the integrated pdf, that is personnaly my base for the game! I totally agree with previous posts and found very important to understand the present situation of GCT in terms of human ressources... and what players think about the game too.

I would like to add some ideas I get when playing with new players : in our club, we play a lot of diffrent games and the more difficult is to change from rules to rules in between games : they about all deal the same concepts, but in different ways. How is the impact of cover? Wich bonus gives charge? What does that trait mean? etc.

I love how the game turns out and here are my adivces in terms of cards design, to help mutli-games players to immerse easily in Bushido. It concerns the traits presentation, because we found there are too many of them and they are all listed the same way, even if there impact in the game work at totaly different levels :
- some traits just impact the initial placement (and then never have any incidence during game), like "scout", "flanck", etc : why not write them at the rear, below unique effects?
- the size is a trait that every mini has and shouldn't be mixed with other traits : why not place it (even for normal size) below Ki or at a standard place, as a particular parameter
- the others traits have an impact in the game at a particular moment (activation, melee, fear, wounds, placement, acting, ki managing, etc.) : instead of placing them in alphabetical order, why not group them by theme? It would be easier for most players and would avoid the reccurrent questions I get : "we're in melee... hum, my mini is big, is it important?" Or "I attack you and I'm tactician..."

It may not seems uge, but really be appreciated by our group of players. As you're about to redesign (Or is it already too late?) cards... (and I will greatly appreciated new cards updated with homogeneous design) I tought it was nice to have feedbacks from players.

Thanks for reading

Keep heart