Themed lists VS the mix.

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Themed lists VS the mix.

Greetings all. What is the general feel for the two “Themed lists” within the faction?

The Blessed Theme seems pretty good….but as I am fairly new….I suspect some restrictions hurt our competitiveness? At 42 and 50 rice.

What are people running competitively? Lots of activation? Or 6-7 solid models that play nicely together?


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The Blessed is definitely the stronger theme. Kaihime with +1 Strength on her bow every turn goes well with Poison 2/2 from Blood of Orochi and a Shisai channeling Ki to her for RS Boost or Armour Piercing. Kenzo is a boss. He's just awesome. I don't feel the exclusions hurt the Theme enough, to be honest. At 7 and 8 rice, you have solid options. Naoko is one of the few Impetuous models which aren't a massive drawback, thanks to her Blind ranged attack. Taisei is good, but I prefer Yuui at 7 rice. Usually a choice between her and Saburo for me. The new combat Shisai, Kyou, is an interesting addition which I am yet to properly try out.

Last Grand Masters, several lists fielded 8-9 models, though the Savage Wave list which won fielded 7. At 50, 7 is a good number to aim for, but it very much depends on your game plan. I ran 8 models with Lords of Izu. It was not competitive, but I am not competitive!

I had fun at 42 with Satsuki, Sakura (who is rubbish), Kaihime, Yuui, 2x Temple Asp (alt profiles Special Card set 2). Mostly relies on Kaihime for area-denial threat and damage output. Falls down fast without her. Planning a 50 Rice list with Mizuki next.

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Lords of Izu has the nice ancestor that ties well together with Satoshi. Then he can push up the Ashigaru T1 to turn idols or get a free swing on some overexposed enemy.

In general I think Ito are best as vanilla. They fit together well without the restrictions the theme adds.

As for numbers, I´d say 6 is the norm. I usually go 2 Samurai, 1 support and 3 ashigaru. Or better said as 2 beaters, 1 enabler and 3 fillers ;)

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Masunagi is the main reason to go themeless/Ordered for Battle, although I'm finding Itsunagi's stock has been rising lately.

The Lords of Izu theme is okay, but it feels very much like making a generic Prefecture warband to me.  I got into Ito for the crazy snake cult, not the normal people.  It misses out heavily by not allowing most of the models that provide Blood of Orochi in it.

The Blessed is my default Ito Clan warband with some freebies thrown in so what's not to recommend?  I like to play control Ito - so Mizuki, or a shisai triad now with Kyou out.  Kenzo is very much a staple of the faction, I would use Yatsumata more but she doesn't dance around like Kenzo does in her current state.

The early meta for Ito was to bring 6 models that are stupidly good at fighting, but now you can bring some cheap Okyo garrison profiles to do scenario actions so warband size has started to increase.  Of course you could go Blood Brothers or Imperial Ito now, each brings its own flavour.

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Thanks for the replies gents.

Helps narrow my lists down a bit. 

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Don't forget the Ordered for Battle theme if you want the full range of options!

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What's the ordered for battle theme?

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For tournament play all Factions have access to the following theme:

Ordered for Battle



After recruiting the Warband to the correct Rice Cost, choose another 15 Rice of cards as Reserves. These are not added to the main list but kept separate. The Warband with and without Reserves must be legal. Before deployment you may either:

  • Remove one card (Plus any Enhancement cards attached to it) from your main list and add cards from the reserve to make the Warband legal and the correct Rice Cost.
  • Add one card from reserves to the main list and then remove cards from the main list to make a legal Warband at the correct Rice Cost.

This is from the tournament pack. It's included in the rulebook made by Fleafa.