"Best Defense is a Strong Offense"

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"Best Defense is a Strong Offense"

I'm overall new to tabletop war games but I've been playing Bushido now for a few months and really love it. I have not tried this team out yet as I have not ordered all the models yet, but looking forward to trying it. Any critique welcome before I order them. Also going to make some paper models to test it as well.

100 Rice
23 Masunagi + Muramasa Blade + Itsunagi's Gambit + Raijin's Breath
06 Akimoto
02 Boa
02 Cobra
16 Kyou
18 Kinu + Intro to Priesthood (Give 2 Blood of Orochi)
13 Sakura + Hotai's Coin
14 Haruki (Give 2 Blood of Orochi)
02 Dark Secrets
01 Second Chance
01 Grace of the Kami

Kinu (18 Rice) vs Satsuki (14 Rice). With Satsuki, you get the Asp, and you could run Arashi's Fan or Teachings of Yashushi.

Itsunagi (27 rice) vs Masunagi (23 Rice). Akimoto becomes an Asp.

Kyou (16 Rice) vs Satsuki (14 Rice). Gain an Asp.

Round 1 Stall for Masunagi with Haruki's pass token and Snakes. Focus with Kinu and give 1 Mana to Masunagi (3 if he needs Lighting Reflexes) and 3 mana to Sakura. As late as possible, use Breath to move up to 14" with a charge from Masunagi aiming for a character who has 7 or less HP and only 1 Melee Pool left. Go all-in on Melee dice and Combo Attack. This is highly likely to eliminate that character. If you can, use Sakura to put two Poison 2 on someone.

R2 Dark Secrets a 1 Ki enemy (1 in 6 chance it will fail, but the reward is huge) and then try to dole out four Poison 2 Markers with Sakura using Hotai's Coin, Second Chance, and Grace of the Kami. Run up with Kinu so she can give 2 more Ki to Sakura. That puts Sakura at 6 Mana if you used 3 mana in R1. That's just enough to do two Poison 2s. (Kinu can Ranged attack with her second Activation). That's a total of 12 damage from Sakura by the end of R2. 8 on one target and 4 on another. If Masunagi manages to go all-out again on a weakling (or maybe finish-off one of the other poisoned models) you should have eliminated 3 enemies by the end of R2.

The rest of your army during this time should be trying to score objectives and defending Sakura. Akimoto and the snakes are throw-away and should just get in front of Sakura to protect her while she does her thing.

You may give up R2's VP, but this is a "Rollerball* strategy" where you try to kill everyone and then score the last winning game point in the aftermath. Cleanse is obviously a problem but that's always a problem for Ito. Try to time your poisons toward the end of the round after the cleanser has been interrupted and lost acitvations, or even better, if possible use Masunagi as a heat seeking missile on him during R1.

*70s sci-fi movie where in the last scene James Caan kills everyone and then scores the final point by walking up to it and putting the ball in the goal.

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Don't see an edit button.

To clarify on Sakura. 6 mana is just enough to do 2 casts of her spell to do 2 sets of 2 poison 2s. So 4 poison 2 over 2 casts, for a total of 8 damage. Important to put them on 2 different characters because only 2 of the tokens (per character) will work at the end phase. Also best to avoid enemies with Tough. Alternatively, a high priority target might be worth to put all 8 damage on if that will kill them at the end of R3. If you use Satsuki over Kinu or Kyou, could use her spell to do pop the poisons as well.

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Played 2 games with this vs a friend who just started playing Tengu. He had Bozenbo and he is a really difficult guy to go against. We played both games without a scenario, but using the rules where for each damage you deal you get a Scenario Point and then if you kill a model, you get another SP.

One thing I noticed is if people are aware of what you can do, they will really position well to not let you do that. And in both games I had to wait til R2 in order to rush-in with Itsunagi. But both times, Itsunagi killed someone. In Game 1, he split attacked and killed two. The strategy worked G1 (with the caveat that it began R2 not R1). My friend was just learning how to play Tengu and hadn't optimized his list yet. So overall, I had an advantage there. G1 was decided by R4 IIRC so we would have time to play another one.

G2 went half as planned. I didn't know about the bird with AOE Cleanse. I opened up with AoE Poison from Kinu (hit 4? models) in R2 and he simply did the AoE Cleanse... action economy wise it was even, but I used Gift of the Kami to do it. I also put Kinu in bad positioning to pull it off. Huge mistake.

Itsunagi did kill a unit in R2, but in R3 he whiffed on Bozenbo entirely dealing 0 damage on a SL3. I unfortunately didn't notice that he was in range to be charged (Man the Birds can move around!) and he was surprised by Hokibo's, and I rolled 3 total on my two defense dice. So he ended up taking 6 damage IIRC and dying. Bozenbo was now free to use quick reload and he one-shotted Kyou!

Surprisingly, my Snake tokens managed to gang-up on the healer bird and killed him. That was clutch. And Kino and Sakura got away thanks by quickly retreating while my opponent dealt with the snake tokens.

R4 I kited with Kinu and Sakura as best I could but Bozenbo one-shotted Kinu in R4. Haruki performed better than expected and managed to survive many rounds with only 2 HP left. At the end of R5, Haruki's last melee attack managed to deal 1 damage + 1 bleed, and Sakura put 4 poison on that model. But this attack cost Haruki's life.

So at start of Round 6, I had 7 SP and he had 3 SP. I had Sakura at full health, and he had Bozenbo at full HP and Hokibo at 3 HP left. But I had kited Sakura so far back that only Hokibo could get to her.

I unfortunately lost the tactical test. My hope was to put 4 poison on Hokibo and run outof charge range. Had I won the tactical test I had a decent chance to do that. I still had my Coin.

He charged me, I failed the fear test, but I rolled a natural 6 on my on defense die. He did get the 8, so SL2 (and no side step defense), but his damage held at 2. So I lived. I had to activate my only model, so I did, and I Ki Boosted to two Melee dice this time. I can't remember what my result was, but my disengage action worked because I took no damage, so I was able to move far away from Bozenbo with the Side Step and the Disengage.

I denied my opponent the total victory. He won the war, but I won the VP race by 2 SP.

He honestly outplayed me in G2. I feel like every time you play this game you leave it feeling introspective and trying to understand what to do next time. Which is a good thing.

Reflections/What I'd do Differently/What to Test next time etc
Masunagi will probably be better than Itsunagi. In that 2nd game, if I had Masunagi instead of Itsunagi, I would have had SL5 (Brutal 2) against Bozenbo, for a Combo Attack at 5, 3, 2, and 1. I'm sure that would have dealt at least 4 poison damage. Plus any raw damage. That could have easily killed Bozenbo.

The 3 snakes are really good. I'm not sure what others experiences with them have been, but the ability to move them in first and allow you to keep your army at bay is incredibly useful. They are very clutch when they strike against exhausted units. I will probably always try to make room for 1 or 2 of them if not all 3.

The three cards (Hotai's Coin, Gift of the Kami, Second Chance) plus the Shisai bonus worked really well. I didn't fail a single poison attempt. So that worked great.

Arashi's Fan is very powerful versus Bozenbo.

Vial of Raijin's Breath almost needs to be part of every game plan I think. It allows a player to move around the map freely. So I'm very excited to try it in other armies as well.

Haruki's Pass Token ended up not being needed. Maybe run Chiyo and Yashushi's Teachings instead.

Overall, this was a proof of concept night. The 'big idea' of using Vial of Raijin's Breath on an all-in strategy with poison damage support... it worked. I just was countered and outplayed in G2. So the question becomes how do you counter the counter. In G2 I should have used Itsunagi to "Heat Seeking Missile" the Cleansing Bird instead. I needed to position better versus Bozenbo. It's too bad you can only bring one Fan!

Looking forward to trying it again soon.



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An overall feedback: Msaunagi is a great killer, giving him Murasama is something I’ll do because if you face some Kami it’s good to have Combo Attack, and it is a great weapon alone. The Vial is something I prefer to give to Itsunagi: Masunagi is an offensive killer, but you cannot throw him into the enemy warband – it would be killed – but Itsunagi cannot be overwhelmed so simple. The turn 1 charge is more a threat than something you would use effectively, enemies can easily stay out of range/los when they know you have that. A really good item also, especially if you play against tough enemies (90% of your enemies). I never play all three snakes, with their group activation I prefer to play only one (they die easily) buti t could be a good choice. I discovered after the last games that Akimoto could be fearless at first activation and Dark Secrets can be used against soulless, so both of them are stronger that I suppose. There are a some things that could be devastating against your list, to me: - Control: how do you suppose to play against control? If someone control Masunagi you have a brutal killer in your lines, no one would survive against his activation. - Fear: Masunagi is not really brave, so quite hard to engage a fearsome enemy - Kinu, Sakura and Kyou are supposed to play together. You could go for an objective with them, leaving Haruki, Snakes and Masunagi on the other side, but they are quite squishy model so a Buzenbo roll against them could be devastating
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Great points. Especially about fear.

I did not understand Group activation and was activating the serpents individually. So I agree. 1 is probably the right number. Though I could see a situation where activating all 3 at once could be really cool. But giving an opponent a bunch of pass tokens seems like a bad idea for the strategy I am trying to do here.

Control. I had not thought about the dynamic where control is especially effective against armies relying on one heavy hitter. You can potentially outplay it, but agreed, it is a big liability.

Thank you for critique! :)

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Group activation is great since you activate one model, engaging another (-1 activation counter), immediatly the second of the group so potentially you could burn three activation in one move. But Pass Tokens are calculated upon the model count, so if you have three snakes other than your enemy, you have 2 activations more against 3 pass tokens. This could not be necessary an issue in an aggrassive gameplay like you want, but it could be if you are planning to do an alpha strike with Masunagi, maybe you are forced to move him before your enemy has move completely a model.
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Msaunagi has only Ki 2 without any meaning to boost it. So, Koshimori Yukio (Ronin) and your Mizuki (Ito) could be very nasty by control him easily, he cannot use Cleave while controlled but also 3d + brutal (itsu gambit) and +5 damage is very nasty if throwed against one of your model.
Other than that, sometimes Masunagi has to face fear; overcome fear 6 for example, means a 50% probability to fail. Not so much, but enough to lose a kill.