Last Stand - clarification

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Last Stand - clarification

New group, wanted a little clarification on "Last Stand" (because it seems great!)

Rule states:

Last Stand: If this model is reduced to 0 wounds, it may still be activated until the end of the Turn and is not removed from play. This model cannot recover wounds through any game effects or traits once its wounds have been reduced to 0. During the End Phase, the model is removed from play.

So we had an Oni Slave get killed in the first activation, but it had Last Stand. So, the Slave model stays until the end phase, even if it takes additional damge? It can still activate and melee?

Another scenario... Oni Slave is killed by shooting while rested, it could still activate twice?

Basically the only thing we've found to remove them is critical strike attack.

Pretty sure we're doing this right, but wanted to confirm.


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You are doing it right and it's powerful but you're still dead so.. ;-)