ranged attack VS models in BtB, held-prone combo

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ranged attack VS models in BtB, held-prone combo

Hi there, 

Situations like this come up regulatly in our group, and I assume we're doing it right but I just want to check to make sure. 
If the target of the ranged attack is in BtB but not in combat (lured into BtB or something), the shooter still has to make the extra ranged challenge test (6) I presume?

* situation: Rose lures Ashigaru into BtB with her (still disguised), Shooter targets said Asigaru. 


Second question: 
When a model is Held, and after that gains a Prone marker, the holding model can choose to stay in BtB and continue the hold? Combining both effects, and imposing a -2 melee Pool penalty?

Thank you for any sage counsil.

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"In combat" is not a concept mentioned anywhere regarding this. "In BtB" is the relevant concept.

Yeah, Held and Prone is upsetting.