Rokan last releases

Hey, i want to make a present for a friend. I am no sure what rokan minis he has, but he hasnt the last ones. Could you tell me what are the 3-4 last models released for Ro-Kan please ? Thanks

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I *think* they are:

  • Yim
  • Saruka
  • Master Koju
  • Kosuke
By Ret-Fleafa --

Been a while since temple had a release.
The latest are the new models from the risen-sun starter pack, Saruka and Yim (they are also available individualy, the other 3 in the pack are older models but still relatively new). Before that the last release was Master Koju but that was 3 years ago or so.

There are new stuff at the horizon with a new profile shown in the latest blog for example.

By Mcgreag
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