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Card question


After a hiatus of over a year (my regular opponent moved to germany) I now can play more regularly again. I finaly convinced my girl to start playing and she is enyoing it and some of my friends are willing to play once in a while usually using one of my warbands. I have a few factions right now (wave, ito, silvermoon, Cult and now adding temple)

And I am considering buying the card packs, but I am unsure which to buy. From what I understood half the cards in most card packs are the same? (I would rather not end up to buy 4 times 14 cards and then have 4*7 the same cards). 

And can someone help me in determing if I should get card pack A or B for the factions? What are advantages of each?

In the case people know what is in the card packs below is what I usually play with the different factions, thus something that strengthens that would be great. Or where I could get a general idea what is in each card pack.

With Wave I focus on bakimono (only havin Zuuba as a real 

Ito I prefer mostly some "cheapish" beatsticks with a bit of poison thrown in, but not to much special stuff (mainly to make it easier to play).

Cult either summon heavy (I love those sins) or Kairai

Silverymoon not really one style I can think of, although people seem to like the animals 

Temple, just starting, but I rather have more monks then peasants, since I like their models more on average.