Do tokens dissapear at the end phase

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Do tokens dissapear at the end phase

Recently rereading things and I came across something that made me wonder.

Effects with an undefined duration dissapear at the end phase: "If an effect does not specify duration, it expires in the end phase." page 4

I think it is not the same for tokens gained from blessings etc if they specify a way of using the token?
Maneki-Neko who specifically mentions the luck token is removed during the end phase, but I think most do not. I realised oni blood tokens can only be used at the starting phase so if they dissapear in the end phase you cannot use them at all.

Most damaging tokens (fire, bleed etc) also specify how many are removed in the end phase.

Other tokens do not specify if they are removed in the end phase, Held, Controlled, Death sentence, Prone etc. But they all have an action that can make them dissapear. For most of them it makes sense if they do not dissapear at the end phase (otherwise death markers on the brothers are not really a problem at all).

Assuming these tokens do not dissapear, even if they are the effect of an ki feat, do other ki feats that grant a token (for instance blessing token from blessing of the kami, Aiko) who specify some ending, "you spend the token for some effect" also stay from turn to turn if the other ending condition (like using it) is not met?

And some others we assumed they did dissapear. I can right now just think of beserk which is not specified of any way of ending. 

In short:

1) Do tokens dissapear in the end phase if the only way to remove the token is to spend them?

2) If some do dissapear and others don't how do we distinguish between them?

3) I assmune summoned monsters do not dissapear, even if they specify no real "ending" except death.




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Tokens/Markers/ Counters are there to remind you of effects from turn to turn, these only end when stated.
The rule is for effects that dont use these mechanics, all token/marker/counter effects should state when they expire.

Once a model is summoned into play (Or a special card is recruited mid game) the effect ends.  The effect is instantaneous, the model is not removed until the stated condition happens (Or it is killed as normal).

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