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Base to base

Some effects (usually push but a rare few placements) can put a model in BtB (wind kami ranged attack or any push attack/defense etc).

I think this can this be used to ignore effects, push/place someone with fear against my own guys to ignore fear, is this correct?

Or (slightly less likely) push/ place a person against someone who is disguised.  (This is a lot harder to do since most friendly placements specify you cannot put it in btb, but for instance mirrage can, and you can also do it to a controlled model, which you can regain controll of after pushing him in BtB). Would disguise automatically break once one of the models activated (since they must declare a melee action), or would you have to wait for the disguised model to act, since you cannot target the disguised model thus cannot target them for the melee exchange, thus becoming instantly exhausted since you have no legal actions you can take?

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When it comes to Fear you can indeed use certain push effects to circumvent fear rolls in this way.

When it comes to Disguised a model already in BtB with an disguised enemy model does not have to pass a test against the disguise to melee. This because it neither targets nor attempts to move into BtB. And yes. The melee exchange would break the disguise.