My Collection So Far...

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My Collection So Far...
Hey All,
A little more than two years ago, my buddy and I stumbled upon Bushido after watching some Youtube batreps. I knew I had to try it. Since then I've built up a decent little collection of models and I thought I'd share them with you. Hope you like them.

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Very very nice.

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Haha, their pupils are huge! You must send them to battle with the special card "Elixir of Magic Mushrooms", which oddly enough didn't come in any of my card packs...

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Some constructive criticism here, I had the same problem you seem to have with the eyes for a very long time, a nice solution I found on the web is to paint them in reverse.

Instead of painting a black dot on a white base (that often results in weird, crazied expressions) you paint 2 small white dots on a black base, it gives a muchj more natural look to the eyes.
(the white dots should be on the sides of where you want the pupil to be) hope it helps.

Your alternate scheme for Ryu looks really cool, I think you could higlight the red robes to make them pop and/or apply gloss varnish on the armour panel to make them look laquered

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Very nice, I love how you painted some figures with an outside of the box thinking. The Ruy scheme indeed looks spectacular. I hope you won't get mad if paint some of my figures in a similar scheme