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Hello community. Since the whole pandemic thing started I've really been hitting the terrain building. Refreshing some old pieces and adding new pieces. I've picked up a handful of Asian aquarium pieces off of Amazon and have really dug them. Of course I had to do some major repainting on most, but have been happy with the results. So that leaves me with some terrain themed questions, hopefully some terrain builders here can help me out.

1. The bushido buildings by 4ground... How do the sizes compare to 4ground's other Asian buildings? The bushido ones are listed at 32mm scale and their other line of Asian buildings are listed as 28mm. I've read that the fit n finish isn't great with the bushido line but that's not something that I'd be too concerned with. I own a couple of the 28mm buildings and think they are pretty sweet but my 1 issue with them are they are a tad small. If the bushido line is indeed a slightly bigger scale, the pieces would be great, imho.

2. I'm looking for modeling ideas for primitive fishing docks and bridges, bamboo ones maybe... I've googled it and just am not finding anything useful. I'm sure I've seen other people's terrain blogs/threads with pictures in the past but I'm coming up empty on my searches of images. Anyone here with some fishing docks or bridges they modeled up?

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Bushido-branded 4Ground stuff is larger, and a good match for the 32mm Bushido. Fit and instructions aren't perfect, but a knife and some careful thought will see you through just fine. Dry fit before glueing! Left mine at work, or I would take photos.

By Ret-Fleafa --

That's what I needed to hear, guess I'll be picking up the bushido line from 4ground then. Thanks, Ret-Fleafa.

By minoa
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