55 rice Ito vs Temple, the Messenger

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55 rice Ito vs Temple, the Messenger
My first proper battle report, in which I make rules mistakes and my camera begins to run out of power halfway through the game. Still caught most important moments, I think. The last picture is sideways because I don't even know. 
Ito deployment,
Yatsumata 11
Kenzo 10
Ayako 10
Satsuki 7
Naoko 8 with Elixir 1
Hitoshi 5
Viper 3
Temple deployment
Master Po 12
Master Ekusa 11
Suchiro 10
Seiji 7 with Prayer Beads 1
Air Kami 4
Aiko 4
2 Rice Farmers 6
Opening moves of the game are made, Naoko and Yatsumata going into the central lake, facing off against Po and Suchiro, while Kenzo and the Viper start making their way around. Hitoshi starts moving through the clear path between the terrain pieces while the Shisai wait for the turn to play out, to get in position for some early Ki trickery.
At the start of turn 2 things are still looking alright for the Ito. Naoko is ready to sprint for the objective zone while Yatsumata is being subjected to Master Po’s first activation of the turn. Suchiro is still blind from Naoko blinding him twice last turn, thanks to the extra activation from the Elixir. Suchiro was just barely out of range last turn, but is just waiting for Master Po to finish before he’ll join the fight.
Forgetting about Naoko’s Impetuous I try to get into position to threaten Ekusa and the Farmers with Kenzo and get him held for his trouble. The Viper moves in to threaten Aiko.
Aiko moves away, I’m still forgetting about Naoko, and the Viper fails to do more than 1 damage to the Rice Farmer. Ekusa joins the fight and tries to do the thing but despite boosting heavily his Defensive and some decent/poor rolling means the snake survives for a bit. The Farmer then activates again and beats it to death.
Yatsumata dies to those terrible monks, I finally remember Naoko who fails to blind Suchiro then moves around, the Shisai try to do things but flub their rolls. Air Kami had moved Satsuki some into the terrain, but she didn’t need to move very far. At this point the Shisai have gotten separated from the rest of my force, so their small part in this is mostly over.
Suchiro punches Satsuki and she deflates. This pool is full of dead things by now.
Kenzo tries to engage Seiji and fails his Size check for the Held, Hitoshi bravely moves in to exhaust Seiji and Naoko runs into the scoring zone. Hitoshi is engaged by a Farmer, Ayako slithers backwards, and Ekusa looks disapprovingly at Naoko. This is the end of turn 2.
At this point the batteries in my camera are running very low, and pictures become more sporadic. This is turn 4, Naoko had moved around in turn 3 and this turn engaged both Seiji and a Rice Farmer, frightening and tiring them both. Slither is a very useful Ki feat. Ekusa Exhausts Kenzo, Po fights the Samurai in a tied fight that Po needs healing from Aiko to survive. When Hitoshi finally dies to the three models around him I have 3 models left on the board but since those do have a combined Blood of 4 Kenzo is still at his deadliest.
Ayako has meanwhile been desperately rolling Defense, finally getting lucky and side stepping away from Suchiro after which she runs at her impressive speed, keeping her alive. Naoko had meanwhile been engaged by Seiji because my opponent won the tactical roll, he passed his fear on the first try and although she was Tired, I remembered to activate her first, and she Slithered on out. Suchiro is heading over to intercept after Ayako gets away, though in hindsight I should have sacrificed my favourite model to stop Suchiro from doing what he did.
It all hinges on the start of turn 6, and I’m feeling alright at this point. Suchiro might catch Naoko but she can easily get away from him with either SSD or Slither. And if she survives, despite killing none of my opponent’s  models, I’d still win 0-1.
Turn 6 begins as the final turn of the game, my opponent wins the tactical roll, goes first, and Suchiro punches Naoko into pulp with a single attack. 2-1 victory to the Temple, GG.



This is not how I wanted Snakes in a Lake to end.

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Thanks for the report. Great example of how Bushido games can swing last minute.

I love the color scheme on your Ito. Very vibrant.

I gathered that Naoko was yours, but who was your opponent's VIM?

Impetuous is one of those traits that people always seem to forget similar to effects you can choose during the Starting Phase, like those of Itsunagi for example.

Our gaming group had great success with placing the profile cards of a model with Impetuous or a Starting Phase Effect in a row above the others so that they automatically draw attention to themselves.

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Thank you. :3
My opponent had chosen Suchiro as his VIM.
There's a lot of starting things that we do still miss regularly but we're getting better at it. I do find that putting a marker on her card specifically helps me remember, now I just need to remember to put that token there before the game starts..