Satoshi's 3 inch spear

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Satoshi's 3 inch spear

Why is his weapon so ridiculously large? It's impractical for gaming, nearly impossible to transport.. 

Anyone got any tips? I have some larger spaces for models in my case but I need those to bring the Vipers and.. well.. it's just annoying really. Tempted to just cut parts of the spear away, he doesn't need the back end of it does he?


(note that the crazy spear is still more acceptable than Hagane/Grey Pilgrim's open shirts but w/e)

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It can be annoying for melee, but I love the sculpt. Fits in a regular space in my KR case, though the blade does encroach on the adjacent slot. For games, I have a blank base in each size with facings marked for the cases where he really won't fit. I just use it as a placeholder for a while.

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Just cut it off if you want. Nothing wrong with customizing your models to your liking.