How do all the different factions play?

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How do all the different factions play?

Hi, im a completely new player looking at this game.  What im missing is an explanation on how Each faction plays.  There is a sticky, but its outdated and doesnt have all factions listed. and even with the new edition coming along, this might change slightly.

If anyone could help out or point me to another source, that would be great!

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Copy & paste of Ret-A_Palmer's recent reply from FB thread:

  • Prefecture: Critical strike samurai, Command & Order traits. The Prefecture play like an actual army that has been trained to fight together. Their basic soldier profiles are very good for their rice cost, and their samurai are generally badass. Mostly human, there is a dragon.
  • Temple: kung fu monks and peasants. Got a Disney animals thing going on with the last few releases.
    • As each monk generates Ki they should have large spikes in power and ability, then suffer a period of downtime. In practice they can move Ki around so much that they're always "on". The downside is that the faction doesn't believe in armour so will die to an Ito Clan papercut (poisoned of course).
    • Peasants are more of a swarm and rely on spamming traps. Don't expect them to actually win a melee battle, so the idea is that they delay the opponent as long as possible while they achieve victory.
  • Savage Wave: onis are big, scary, tough demons. Onisho are the smaller teenage version. Bakemono are a never ending horde of annoyance as they can almost constantly replenish their numbers if you don't kill at least one a turn.
  • Cult: faction that relies on bigger numbers and powerful offensive Ki feats. Fear is a common trait in this faction too.
  • Ito Clan: *fast* and dangerous. The faction has less wounds on their basic profile, but higher movement. This leads to them being able to pick and choose most of their fights. They like to strike first in combat and bring poison galore. It's quite common to survive a melee exchange but still die during the end phase of the turn. Besides being combat monsters, the Ito Clan has access to Fear and powerful offensive Ki feats.
  • Silvermoon: the yakuza. Many ways to play this faction, but the faction relies on their powerful special cards to disrupt the opponent. You can go massive control with the Jade Roses, or use the Buto herd Iron Fist.
  • Tengu: birdmen and the tribesmen who defend/worship them. The tengu themselves are very mobile, able to ignore the majority of terrain and enemy models in the game. The tengu are well trained and capable warriors. The tribesmen are more durable but cheaper.
  • Jung Pirates: usually a higher model count faction. The kancho usually determine how the warband will play as the themes are tied to the individual captains. The faction tends to rely on using physical effects such as harpoons, or making enemy models prone, to disrupt the enemy's plan. Jung Mari is the bestest, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Ninjas: They're ninjas. Play as expected.
  • Minimoto: slow and tough. They are incredibly durable and expect to get hit in the face first but will whump you badly in return. Newest faction to have been released so expect them to have the fewest options for now.
  • ???: sometimes you just have to walk onto the board from the sides.