Hiretsuna Card?

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Hiretsuna Card?
Hey all, Long time Cult player who decided to finally jump into Savage Wave with Risen Sun. I purchased a bunch of stuff prior to the release so I could get a jump on painting (and as such have the old cards for them) but made sure to purchase the Savage Wave card pack. But I noticed that my favourite little Bakemono doesn't have a card in the Savage Wave pack. The wife plays Shadow Wind so we cracked open her card pack and he's also MIA. So I have two questions: 1. Is the only place this little scamp's card can be found in the Ronin upgrade pack? 2. How can I get my hands on it as the Ronin pack doesn't even have an "Add to Cart" option in the webstore right now? Also, as we each have him, does this mean that we have to buy the pack twice?
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His card is in the Ronin pack, yes. All cards will eventually be available to download on the store page of the model to which they belong.