Bakemono Identification?

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Bakemono Identification?
Hey everyone, Finally getting around to assembling my Wave and I have a couple of questions. Prior to Risen Sun I picked up the starter box and a couple Bakemono blisters, so I definitely have the numbers required to max out all the profile cards (although I am tempted to just build one of each and grab the new starter because those minis are incredible). So, my problem right now. The starter set had two bags full of bits and after sorting them, I'm struggling to identify which weapons make which kind of Bakemono. Can anyone help me? I'll start with the two gimmes. Bows = Bakemono Archers Spears = Bakemono Spearmen From there, the provided bits are clubs and scythes. I assume the clubs are Bakemono Beaters, is this correct? That means the Scythes would be Bakemon Raiders? If so, does this mean that the old sets cannot make Bakemono Bushi at all? Thanks for all the help!
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The Bushi existed before the Raiders so the scythes are to create Bushi. However if you're clear with your opponent they can easily be used as Raiders. Raiders were released as a special card expansion for the first ed but models were never produced so you aren't missing out on any official Raider minis.
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Bushi have 2 weapons for combo attack
Beaters have a 2 handed weapon for their better damage stat
Raiders have a weapon and shield
Spearmen have a spear
Archers have a bow

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Old beaters only had a big 1 handed weapon. a club.



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Thank you Ret-Aenion. I never thought about it this way. I was never sure of the difference between Bushi and Beaters.