Is Hirobo's profile card incorrect?

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Is Hirobo's profile card incorrect?

Any official news about Hirobo's profile card? I searched the forum, found nothing. The profile seems incorrect on 3 points :

1/ He has Spirit (-1). I guess it should be Spirit (1)? like is Karasu-mate Sanjakubo, and because pre-Risen Sun, he had "Strong Mind".

2/ His Death Sentence feat has no "O.Ki" label. But Death Sentence should need an opposed ki test (as on Waku's card).

3/ His Unique Effect description says "Weak Mind", which doesn't exist anymore. Should be "Resistance (-1)" ou "Spirit (-1)" I guess.

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  1. Yes, Spirit (1).
  2. Yes, Opposed Ki Test.
  3. Spirit (-1), I think.