Kami in theme lists?

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Kami in theme lists?
Does taking a blacksmith in a theme list allow you to take Fire/Metal kami without losing the theme? The same question actually applies to Kimiko and ice kami as well. Tetsu and Ancestor Spirit have a note on their cards that say they can be taken in themes, but kami do not have that specific note. Without kami, blacksmiths are much less useful, and with so few models available, cutting out kami makes Minimoto themes not very useful unless you like running basically the same warband every time.
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Rulebook quote: "Some models or special cards, when recruited into a Warband, permit other models to be recruited. Other models may require a specific model to be recruited into the Warband before they can be included. If a model is permitted in a Theme then any model it allows to be recruited is also allowed in the theme regardless of any Exclusion. If a model or special card is permitted in a theme list, any model summoned by that model is also allowed to be summoned.