Bushido AT FANBOY3 Manchester

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Bushido AT FANBOY3 Manchester

This Coming weekend, 17th March there a Bushido Event/ play day at Fanboy 3 in Manchester if anyone can can make it, start at 13:00. We have a group of around 5 -6 of us started playing in past few weeks so it should be a good day to get some games, and if enough people arrive a decent little event. For the Future were making Bushido boards and have just recieved our first peices of terrain for the boards this week, and these will be used in bushido events that were planning on running. If want any more information please Get in touch if not hope to see you there. 


http://www.fanboy3.co.uk/    Please use site for directions

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Sounds cool, with a little more notice for future events sure some GCT guys could attend.

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We will make sure next one is better advertised, this one was just like "Oh we have a free sunday".

Never fear we intend to make this a regular event.

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