SKU for New Risen Sun Cards?

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SKU for New Risen Sun Cards?

I am very please to see that we can order individual cards for the newly released faction special decks.  However,  I have a question regarding the SKUs we are to reference in the comments for the order.  If we just want to order the new cards, and not an exisiting profile card, do we use the SKU for the faction specific deck?

For example, I already own the Risen Sun, Minimoto replacement deck.  However, I would like to purchase the 5 new cards in the new special deck (Ice Crystal, The Mountain Banner, etc.)  When ordering those five specific cards, in the comments, do I simply use the SKU for the Minimoto special card deck (GCTBRS011) along with the individual card name and quantity?

Apologies of this is a dumb question.

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You are spot on with your assumption. Refrence the new card packs