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I was a kickstarter supported of the game and received it a few Weeks ago. We had played a few times but still some parts are confused for us and the rules are not clear enough. My question is: Do you have an updated document or a FAQ?

For example:

  • Turn Order, always the first player will be the first one until someone pass? Or the turn will be decide also by the highest number in the survivor cards?
  • Are the purchased victory points permanent?
  • Can a survivor like “Buffalo” use is skill every time that an action is available for the player who has it?

Thanks in advance

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In answer to your question, no there isn't an updated doc or an FAQ (if some repeated questions arise we will produce an FAQ). Some questions have been asked on BGG here:

- The turn order is solely determined by survivor number, highest first: Pg3 + 5

- Yes, there is no way to lose purchased victory points

- The only limit on using the skill is the number of actions available and in Buffalo's case enough credits to be able to do it.

If you have other questions please ask here or even better on BGG.


first in order (determined by suivor
number, highest first).