Advice on next purchases

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Advice on next purchases

I have the Ito starter, Masunagi Ito, and Ayako Ito. I can pick up a couple more and am wondering which would be best to get. I've not had a chance to play yet so assume I know nothing (because I do in fact know nothing lol).

Cheers :)

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The Vipers are both awesome and only 3 Rice.  They are useful in game but also you often fall short of your rice limit by only a few and can't afford other models.

If you don't have them, the 2 spewcial card packs are also really useful.

As for more awesome models, Kahime is one of Ito's best.  Able to do decent damage and apply poison at range, she can soften up a few models or maybe kill one outright before the warbands engage.

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I would agree with master Enos that Kaihimi is one of the best models in Ito due to her ability to apply poison at range. This can turn her average 2 damage into 4 in a turn, with a good roll she can easily kill a model.

The model I will not play a game without is Naoka. Imo she is probably the best model Ito have access to, being a snake person gives her some great movement potential, she has fear 5 which is good both offensively and defensively, side step for 0. Her ability to apply blind with her rAnged attack is a huge buff for the rest of the fAction. And with her kik feats she is both durable and exceptionally hard to pin down.

This is mitigated however by the fact she has Impetuous,meaning she has to go first every turn, it seems bad but the upsides of having her far outway the negatives. For 8 rice she is a bargain addition to any Ito warband.

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Kaihime for low-risk damage output and capable melee. Naoko for useful effects at the cost of Impetuous. She's good for learning some of the subtler approaches. Kenzo for melee damage output. Vipers for low-cost irritation to your opponent.

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I added Kaihime and Yuii to the starter and its a fairly decent force.

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Potentially a controversial statement but IMO saburo far exceeds Yuui for the same cost, just having feint one on a stick is a thing 

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Both work.  My current shisai test warband uses both.

I personally prefer Yuui, but I play against a lot of Cult kami so the light-footed and combo attack are very important to me.  I also like using immobilise attack, especially with the new Ki feat timings that allow you to conceal it coming.