New Reversible Board and Initiation game

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New Reversible Board and Initiation game

Last saturday I hosted a small painting workshop where some friends and my GF who I had introduced to the game worked on their first mini, and today, one of this friend came back for his couple of real games with his monks of Ro-Kan. This was the perfect time to try my new 2*sided board.

On the first side, I wanted to have a really mountain temple feel, perfect for a Ro-kan ground:

We played the scenarion "The Envoy", Master Po was his VIM, Mikio was mine.

For his first real game, My friend kicked my ass real bad, and Master Po one-shot almost everything he touched! Ryu realized the mountain was not a nice place for them.

But then we had time for another game, and my ninjas felt like the monks had gone too far... We reversed the board to reach a frozen lake (I still have layers of resin to pour, and to put some snow so that the whole thing really look like a frozen lake)

This time we played "Omaju"

This time things were a littlebit different: ninjas were sneaky, a lot of shadowstepping, miraging and backstabbing killed Kenko and hotaru, Master Po stroke the Wind, and only Kerasu died near the end being to eager to kill the fat monk just for the sake of it!


That's it for now! Need to finish the frozen lake side, and get some terrain more fitted to this side of the board

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That looks really great on both sides. Clever idea to maximize terrain and save space.

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yeah i agree looks cool i love the frozen lake side, the under water stones give it a great feel 

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Nice boards dude, particularly the frozen lake side - gorgeous!

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