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New table & battles

With the new houses made by 4ground for Bushido, I needed to make a board that would greet them properly:

Nothing fancy, a little river in the middle, a small waterfall, and a lot of green space to greet terrain elements

Used Crystal Resin as water, painted rocks from outside my home, cheap vegetation and printed lilypads from real lilypads pictures.

A few stick for bamboo, and acrylic medium to sculpt the waterfall

The stone path is carved in the polystyrene, the mud path is "burnt" using a lighter, and the bridge is in balsa.

Now with the wonderful houses, everything comes down quite nicely

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First game on the board was against a bakemono horde at 42 rice. We played Omaju

My opponent made a mistake on his list, having 43 rice instead of 42, but yet it was a very one sided game game. He had:

- Xi Han/Zoo

- Rinsho

- Zung Fu

- Tra peng

- 1 Bake archer

- 2 bake raiders

- 1bake spearman

- Okina & Oto

On my side, ready to defend the village there was:

- Hira toakashi

- Iiju Makoto + Exlixir of Vigor

- Matsu Takashi, 2nd version

- Isamu

- 2x Goshi

With the density of terrain, Darkness and the shadow walk, most of his force already had turned the objectives by the end of turn one, Tra-peng could already worship the idol thanks to his forward deployment. Not being able to run because of the fog, my force way too late at the beginning of the second turn.

On the second turn, Xi-han threw a berzerking mushroom on an inspired goshi, who died anyway when he shapeshifted into Zan. Makoto was snared by zu-fu and matsu takashi threw some lightning, but with cover + small it didn't do much except stunning models that I wouldn't be able to fight. Hiro killed a bake that was resummoned in the process... Isamu killed the archer that would be respawned on turn 3.

On turn 3, Matsu takashi was killed very early thanks to a failed tactics test, Isamu stunned by tra-peng, then killed by Rinsho + Zoo, Iiju Makoto was still useful thanks to Zung-fu's shadow tendrils, and Hiro takashi killed a raider before being snared by trap-peng, the other goshi was killed by the swarm of bake, and the Horde started to retake all the idols and having enough activation to be able to worship most of them, this is where I decided to forfeit a game in which I had no idea I could overcome, even with better dice rolls.

the 1st game being ruined so fast, we decided to make another one, and this time Whogshrog didn't use his bake force, it seemed pointless to give it another try (guess he found his tourney list). We played the Envoy

This time he took:

- Goro

- Yusha

- 2 x bake beaters

- Kami of mud

- 1 bake archer

- 1 bake spearmen

A bit disappointed by the previous game, I played a stupid list with everything I had never played so far:

- Mikio 2nd version + Exlixir of Vigor

- Atsushi & Shinobu

- Kioshi Makoto

- Tenshi

- The grey Pilgrim

In the end this game was way more balanced, and Kioshi Makoto who seemed very unappealing to me on paper revealed to be the biggest annoyance to my opponent with prediction, and Mikio's throw defence really did the trick. The whole game was lost on 1 failed throw defence test on Yusha that could have proned Goro in the process, but a 1 on the dice ruined the tactics. Was a way better game in the end, only Tenshi seemed a bit useless for her cost, a Takashi samurai would have looked better in the end.

Finally, I had a game against Fabius Bile and his Jung pirates on the Reikan scenario, with:

- Minato

- Iori

- the 2 sharks, ryota with the Vial of Raijin's breath

- 2 Kaizoku

On my side a played a serious peasant list with:

- Kawa no Ruji

- Ashinaga Tenaga

- Hisao

- Kaito

- 2x Fisherman of Shiromizu

- 2 x Rice farmers

+ 2 pungi pit trap and 1 rope trap

This time, I came down hard ont the pirates, with Kaito field blocking some movement at the beginning, and the traps stripping Minato from one of his activations, I could set up my forces interestingly, while my opponent seemed hesitating and overwhelmed.

I was able thanks to the traps to keep the big guns at bay while my horde of peasant overwhelmed the rest of the pirates. At one point, he used his Vial of Raijin's breath on Ryota (his Vim) to charge Kama no Rujin (My VIm), but the bull took only 3 damage before hurting the shark back for more serious damage, then "Jaws" Was killed by outnumbering peasant. It was a bold and unrewarding move.

Hisao sacrificed himself by intercepting a shark that wanted to attack the Bufalo, and minato was killed partly by pungi traps, and a final swarm of 4 peasants against him! Even with his strength, there a point where there's just too much. The bufalo ran to the edge before my forces killed tha last pirate standing, the hammer shark who killed Hisao a round before...


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That board looks amazing! Was it just one sheet of polystyrene?

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Yes it's one sheet only, about 2cm thick

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What tools did you use to carve the polystyrene? Never made a board before so going in at the deep end! Haha