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Non-theme lists

Been running my monks theme lists for a while but I'm easily bored (evidenced by my Prefecture, Ito, and KKZ crews too...hahaha). The monks are still my favorite so I'd like to switch it up some. I was thinking to try some mixed monks/peasants stuff. All peasants doesn't thrill me like all monks do, but maybe I could throw a few in.

So, aside from the couple that come in the starter (I know Faith is amazing), are there any peasants that play really well with monks?

Thanks in advance.

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Hisao gets cleansing and Inspiration on Ume, both very good.

Non theme also gets you monks with the Yokai, so Kitsune and the like could be an option.

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I pretty much always play a non theme list. I find Ashinaga Tenaga works well with my peasants as he reduces the amount of ki needed to do feats. This gives my rice farmers the chance to boost monks on turn one thus allowing my monks to pull off some cool first turn alpha strikes. He also allows the fishermen of the shirimozu to shoot every turn if you want to. I have found that if you take too many peasants with him some may have to work outside of his 4 inch bubble as it is simply not tactically advantageous to bunch them up. Kaito is cool. His ploughed field template can be a real boon in idol type missions as unless your opponent has plenty of light footed you can dictate which idols he will try and take. Kintaru seems a little underwhelming at first but his leap ability and the ability to give aware to another model can be handy. Generally speaking I find the new 5 point monks better value than kaito and Kintaru but you can make a powerful list using all four.
The peasant themed list is fun to play and quite different to what you may be used to. I would recommend the mura no musaku. His impetuous is annoying but he allows you to get 2 tireless models on the board which will drive your opponent nuts. You will have no access to ms 4 troops but as mentioned before you can get some solid fighters with the various yokai (don't forget the kappa.).also don't underestimate how good punji pit traps are. Play them on your opponents biggest meanest model whenever it tries to move. Repeated use of pit traps can even kill a model. Using the traps early in the turn can go some way towards offsetting the tactical disadvantage you suffer due to mura no musaku's impetuosity.

I hope that this somewhat rambling response helps.