Adepticon: Conquest of Jwar

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Adepticon: Conquest of Jwar
Yes, I stole most of this from the blog post... but who do you think they got the information from in the first place!??  ;)
Adepticon is still (I believe), the largest tabletop gaming convention in the world.  Held in Chicago IL, USA.  
There will be a 3-round tournament using the Bushido New Dawn rules and errata dated July, 2018.
Date: Sunday, March 31st
Time: 9 am - 3 pm
Cost: $15
Rice: 50
Slots: As of 3/1/19 (Also known as 1/3/19 here in Blighty) there are 3 slots left (of 32 total).
Grand Prize: Help GCT design a Bushido character!
Pre-registration has ended, but you can still sign up at Adepticon.  Standard Bushido tournament scoring will apply. Each round will provide a new challenge. Expect an area-of-control, a simple influence (custom written for Adepticon by Jason Enos) and a VIM scenario.  The local Bushido community here in Madison, WI is working hard to cook up some interesting boards to play on, but we're a few short.  If you can bring one, please let me know below.  Would prefer a nice looking board and terrain if at all possible.  You'll also need 3 idols and 3x 4" diameter area-of-control markers.

See you there!