Prowess (melee)

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Prowess (melee)

I did a search of the forums and couldn't find this so please let me know if this is a duplicate...

As far as Prowess (melee) goes...

I roll three dice... two in attack and one in defense. I can pick up any of the dice and re-roll. If I have Prowess (attack) I a can only pick up one of the two Attack dice and if I have Prowess (defense) I can only pick up one of the defense dice.

So the question is this: If you just have Prowess (Melee), can you pick up the Attack dice and re-roll as a defense dice, thereby switching your original allocation?

I can't find anything in the rules where it says you are "locked in" to you original allocation...

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No, you cannot change your allocation with the Prowess trait.

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The rules won't say you are locked in, they simply don't tell you that you are alowed to switch dice.

If you reroll an attack dice, you take the low (Presumably) value attack dice and reroll it.  
It remains an attack dice.

If you roll a defence dice that is low and choose to reroll that, it remains a defence dice.
The Prowess rules do not say to change dice or roll a different dice, just to reroll.

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