Silvermoon rewards no longer??

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Silvermoon rewards no longer??

This is a question more for gct themeselves.

From the games expo announcement the rewards have changed to many vouchers rather then silvermoons. Which is all good.
Are silvermoon rewards no longer gonna be a thing now?
I have 400, saved up. So should I spend them now or will they come back ?

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I've had 80 from the 1st gencon tournament that I tried to use on my last order for 10% off. It didn't work...

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I was looking forward to seeing my points in my account. If they're being scrapped, then will the people from the tournament we played in November get something else? Or is that just at the masters they give away those prizes?

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We will definitely be honouring all accrued points, including those not yet added to accounts. We need to make the program more of an incentive for players and just as importantly manageable for us on an ongoing basis. We don't know what that looks like yet... As always suggestions welcome :-)