Yukio's Imperial Decree + Inside Information

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Yukio's Imperial Decree + Inside Information

I always dismissed Yukio Koshimori as overcosted and narrow in application. Once I tried him alongside Old Zo in an attempt to Channel Ki for successive Obey attempts. It fell on the usual STS trap of overinvesting in support personel and thus the lines were overrun by fighty Samurais et al.

Looking back at the Imperial Envoy it struck me that denying the opponent Scenario actions in a 8" Aura is pretty powerful - if you can control in what order things happen. I.e. what Silvermoon does!

Suppose T4 in the idols (or any other mid game scoring turn). Opponent has 2 guys by each idol. You have at least one guy by each idol. Between 2 idols you have Yukio. If you turn the idol farthest from Yukio and then use Inside Information to force them to activate anyone who cannot turn an idol, you can then fire the Imperial Decree and boom, you have the VP barring they kill or manage to move Yukio. (And that´s what the Golden Sentinel plus the rest of your guys are there to hinder...)

Not to mention how annoying Control tokens are, which is the other thing Yukio does. Pretty cool trick imho.

(Incidently Ruy can do this too with Katsumoto Dominating random_chump to act after you turn the idol.)