rules for indoor fighting

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rules for indoor fighting

Since I'm planning/working on some boards and terrain elements that, when used, would involve quite a bit of indoor fighting. Through rooms, hallways, storage halles etc ... 
Now I was wondering if there are semi-official or fanmade (house)rules available for such conditions. 
I can imaging that swinging a sword or naginata is a totally different matter indoor than on a battlefield. Tanto and wakisashi would be much more practical. Also size could be a detrimental factor inside. Onis having to stoop to enter and move around ... 

just curious, did anybody did this already? Otherwise I'll be having a go to whip something up.


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I've not seen anything like this before. Sounds pretty interesting.

You could modify Move relative to Size, I guess. You could potentially apply Slow and Reach based on Size comparisons, too. That's potentially massive in terms of impact.

Reach applies to long weapons for the most part, but also to models with quick reactions, making it difficult to use that as a guide to indoor efficacy. Otherwise, one could simply give Slow to all weapons with Reach.

You may need to go by weapon names, aplying Slow, Reach and even Lightning Reflexes to the weapons without overruling the model's traits. These names have been fairly well standardised in Risen Sun. Models with Daishō would use their wakizashi indoors, for instance, which would gain Reach, whilst a model's Katana would gain neither. A model's Naginata would lose Reach and gain Slow.

You could go even further and develop a more detailed Initiative spectrum, though the base rules effectively allow for 4 levels already.