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I've build an entire tribesmen warband.

All named tribesmen characters are in the warband (Nuniq, Kanut, Qimmiq, Maniitok and Talirikug), 2 hilltribe warriors and one tracker. It's on the spot 50 rice (or 100 rice in Risen Sun).

I finished painting the last one and I'm going to,try them out the next weeks.

I was wondering if somebody tried this before and what experience he had with this warband.

Or if nobody tried it before, why not?

My friend and regular opponent thinks they would be very good.

I don't know what to expect.

Any thoughts?

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I made an error in my calculation.

This list is 105 rice in Risen Sun.

So I'm going to drop a hilltribe warrior and the tracker in favor of Amaruq as soon as she is released.

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James Hakser (Bushido Grand Master 2016) has played a Hilltribe list, he does include Kami though.

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An all hillmen list works pretty well.

I played two games with them, one against the Savage Wave, one against KKZ.

They are very tanky and can deliver a nice punch.

Against the wave was bloody murder. His VIM was the last model standing and he went down in turn 4.

Zuba wasn't very hard to defeat and bakemono were no match for them.

Against KKZ it went a bit the same, and I could win if I played more defensive. If I'd turtled my models, the ninjas would have a very hard time killing my VIM. But I used my VIM to offensive to keep the game enjoyable and lost.

I'm not really sure about Amaruq and the tracker. Maybe I used them wrong or just had bad luck, but they didn't do much and didn't really live up to my expectations.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this warband and will be using it more often.

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Interesting idea.  I'm pretty model driven & while the tribesmen certainly are nice models... they don't have the coolness factor that the tengu do.  I'd certainly be interested in hearing of your continued experience.


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