Question about fear

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Question about fear

Hey Guys, sorry if this has been asked before.  I did a quick search but didnt' turn up what i was after.

How does the timing for fear work?  Model A has fear and model B doesn't have fearless or any other mitigating traits or feats.  The 2 models are not in BtB.  Model B wants to attack Model A with a melee attack either by charging or walking into BtB.  Does model B take a fear test after declaring but before actually moving? Or does it happen after the move when they're in BtB?  If the latter, does Model A turn to face?

Thanks for any responses, i've been through the rules so I'm missing a key sentence or paragraph somewhere.


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  1. Before moving.
    Resolve a Fear test when:
    1. An Active model declares an action that would bring it into BtB with an Enemy model with the Fear trait.
  2. Turning to face happens at step 1 of Melee Exchanges, so no.