Setting, Plot, Story Progression

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Setting, Plot, Story Progression


I was wondering if the game has an advancing story or plot and if so where do I go to see it?


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The Cult will eventually control the whole Jwar Isles, there's no point denying it. The more the clans eagerly fight over the city of the dragon, the closer they are from making a pact with the Yurei. It's just a matter of time.

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As long as the advancing plot doesn't destroy the entire universe like a certain other dark gaming company (who won't be mentioned by name)! 

the fluff is in the book, which I highly recommend and will give you loads of background and places to jump right in to the feel of the game.

ive written a few stories charting the progress of a Temple warband I took to a tournament last year, they're lurking in "Tales of the Jwar Isles" section of the forum 

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