The Idols – Ito Clan vs Cult of Yurei

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The Idols – Ito Clan vs Cult of Yurei

for our matches we play at 35 Rice, substituting Chiyo with a Temple Bushi.

P.S. I am the Ito player and ALWAYS forget to activate Akimoto first… so the match was a little broken ^^

P.P.S. there are woods over the battlefield, especially in the center so the forces are splitted a little bit.



on the first turn, everyone advance (not Sakura that meditates and give all the Ki to others). Itsunagi run & moonwalk since the neutral idol on the right, while Akimoto influence a friendly Idol giving one scenario point to the ito (a little pressure for Yurei). The Bushi arrive to the neutral objective on the left, followed by Chiyo. Itsunagi are facing the ugly face of Ikiryo and 2 Kirai. Kato are a little behind near the armoured Kirai that advance near the Temple Bushi.


In the second turn, the Bushi run in the left side near the enemy idol (not b2b), and the Armoured Kirai followed him. Chiyo runs to the center, near the woods, and was reduced to 1 wound by looked into the void eyes of Ikiryo. Akimoto gets the neutral objective on the left, Kato summons his puppet and Itsunagi are safe enough to influence other Scenario points. Sakura move behind the woods. The Kirai advance get Itsunagi (fools!).


So, the Ito get the first VP, as was predicatable.


Third turn, the Puppet get one influence to Akimoto but after Ito get others Scenario points thanks to him. Chiyo charge the Armoured Kirai to the back, luckily strike it down! So the other Temple Bushi gets B2B with the enemy idol.

Istunagi, thanks to Evasive, spend all his Ki to move across the menacing Kirai and engages Kato. Full of orochi blood but without Ki, he don’t kill him but made enough wounds to poison him to death at the end of next turn. Surprised by a near Kirai, he parry the blow but cross Ikiryo eyes that left him with 2 wounds.


On the fourth turn, Ikiryio kills Chiyo and wounds Itsunagi to 1 by let them touch the void; the Temple Bushi gets other 3 Scenario Points by influencing an enemy idol. Armoured Kirai has to gets up and is too slow to do anything. Itsunagi face first the Kirai and Kato, and side steps to get Ikiryo. But, hero of the day, the brave Temple Bushi engages and kills her. A Kirai is near to the neutral Objective, Akimoto struggle against the Kami but he has only one Control Token so he cannot goes around too much.


At the end of fourth, Clan Ito claims his second VP and wins the game.


Glory to the ito!





This is our second game; we decide to play a game of every scenario with the starters just to understand how the game is played. Having 5 prayer tokens it’s too much, we don’t use more than 3, it seems that the scenario is builted for a greater amount of Rice.

Ikyrio it’s very dangerous and – unfortunately – the brainless model for Yurei, bat on the average she cannot ont-shot a guy so it’s a little OP to me, but affordable.

Itsunagi it’s a great piece: maybe not the best fighter for the Ito, but it can do lot of things when in combat, buffing movement and MS gives him lot of opportunities.


To me, Bushido it’s a great game, the only thing I don’t like so much it’s the “chessy” opening of the list: everyone has a role in the warband, and on the first/second turn do the thing without other opportunities.

Over that – but maybe it’s only our two armies – Ito MUST rely on his speed to win before the turn 4, after that the fight it’s really dangerous and the Yurei – by Void looks, Controlling and Rising stuff – would be unstoppable.

Maybe next time my opponent will force me to fight over turn 4, so the battle would become very difficult!!