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Hi all,


what you think about the upcoming snakes? I like very much tio have 1-2 points to spend in minis instead of effects to complete a list; I see that the cobra seems to be a must-have, since the blindness effect is a serious threat so the opponent cannot simply ignore it; the boa could be a second choice while asp - having only one die and poison - does not really shine above the others.


What do you think about them?

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The Cobra is probably the best, I look forward to combining its Blind with Naoko's. Putting hers on first the snake should have an easier time hitting its blind, that'll stack up nicely.

I do like the Asp because it has some damage potential, if not much - it'll be able to help finish off exhausted and outnumbered targets, and maybe fight Aiko.

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I expect the Boa to be the most reliable of the three.  The Asp and Boa are pretty decent combo pieces, but the Cobra is really unreliable.