Melee questions

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Melee questions

A model A in B2B with an enemy B can move with a Melee action in B's ZoC.

I have some questions about it:

1) Can model A declare a melee by move 1/2" far from model B? Has it to fight model B since it is in the ZoC or not since it is not in B2B?

2) When using Side Step Defence, the model A can move 1" away from the enemy. This means he must move 1" directly away or can move laterally? Can he change facing by rotating himself after a succesfull defence?

3) With SSD or Push Defence, or with some effects that allows to move 1", a model can move but he remains in the enemy ZoC. This means that the two models are considered engaged if someone shots at one of them? When one of them declares its action, it have to declare a Melee against this model since he cannot move away from the ZoC because he's starting within it?