3 Samurai List (Risen Sun)

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3 Samurai List (Risen Sun)
Some time ago I tried a list that was an unbalanced one, only to have fun. It results in one of the best list I ever drop on the table... Concept is really simple: I want to put into there the most aggressive models and don't really go around to win but only to kill. Basically, the list is around that: - Istunagi Ito + Vial of Raijin's Breath - Masunagi Ito + Istunagi's gambit - Satoshi + Teachings of Yashushi Fill with a JMB/Takeji (to better use of your samurais) and an Okyo Archer/Chyio (to deal tiwh difficult terrain) and a Lords of Izu theme. Satoshi is a tank, the central core of the list, that gains Leadership/2 around him so you haven't really care about fear, that is incredibly strong in the new edition to me. He can engage anyone, and due to his defensive skills just go away when needed. Masunagi don't really need to engage anyone soon, just be somewhere gives you terrain control: he is really a killer, having a 3 Dices Brutal/3 +5 dmg means that you almost kill everyone that is not a huge fighter. Itsunagi is the wild card and you first strike: don't be shy, use the Vial to go melee the weakest enemy model, and so you are in the enemy ranking: Itsu can dance around doing damage, poisoning enemies, he don't need any courage bonus since he is fearless and even if he is engaged by 2 enemies he can split attack with a 3 Dices Brutal/1 Combo Attack, that result in killing any lesser model enemy throws to you. In the first turns, you can position your guys, relying on a easy win on tactical roll and some pass tokens (only 5 models often gives you some). Deploy Itsu in the center, with the most of charge lines it can use; move him as last model - your enemy would'nt put anyone at 14" from him unless you move him, or risk a charge. Throw him in melee as soon as possible from turn 2 and watch your enemy deal with him while think how to engage your core (Satoshi). Masunagi can arrive later, in turn 2-3, by moving around but near to Satoshi to benefit from his morale, and begin to kill stuff. I never played such list in the new scenarios, but since you begin to score later (turn 3-4) it seems a viable option not only for have some fun but actually to kill everything. Obviously list have some flaws: against a control / friction list you have not so much wounds or models to use, so every move had to be wise wo win. But you have some of the nastiest fighter of the clan, so their olnly presence on the field force your opponent to choose how to split his forces. Next time I would use an Okyo Archer with Kintoki's Salt, waiting for turn 2 before shot allows me to do some damage and force my opponent to move quickly, I think it's a good bait. Next, I wouuld put Takeji with Hotai's Coin: he is good at fighting, have 2 Ki but he rolls a bad attack too often, mitigate it with the Coin should give more combat reliability; and he is a little more difficult to control or attack with Ki feat, I think it is always better than a JMG for merely 2 points. What do you think about that?