Selling Temple of Ro-Kan

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Selling Temple of Ro-Kan

I'm selling on Ebay my Temple of Ro-Kan army...

Just write:
Bushido - Temple of Ro-Kan - Painted Army

Unfortunately I don't have time anymore...
They have been left on the shelf for too much time.

Hope I'm not breaking any Forum Rule

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Hey, is the Ro-Kan Temple still up for sale? I tried to find it on eBay, no luck. If you're still around, please send me a link to it, I'd like to take a look at the pictures.

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They are no longer for sale. I know this, because I bought them.  :)

I initially planned to use the minis to round out my existing Temple faction, but as they have very nice paintjobs I will now be selling my (now redundant) Temple minis soon (some painted, some NIB).

If you are interested I'll PM you my ebay link when they go up (approx. two weeks from now).

Pics can be found here: